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DGI Yanbu Industrial Shock Absorber | LISCO Linear Solutions TUBUS Damper | Maasbracht Lock Safety Shock Absorber | PMCN stootdempers


ACE Case Study DGI Yanbu Industrial Shock Absorber

Overpressure in refinery pipes can lead to catastrophic consequences. In the unlikely event of overpressure, safety valves therefore have to open in fractions of seconds. Since smallest sparks can lead to explosions, the use of electric drives and brakes is mostly prohibited. Pneumatic drives are usually too slow, thus posing similar risks. The companies Doedijns Group International (DGI) and ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH succeed to banish these dangers with a tailored solution.

ACE Case Study LISCO Linear Solutions TUBUS Damper

With an outer diameter of 17 mm, a stroke of 7 mm and a weight of just 40 g, TUBUS TA17-7 profile dampers are truly no heavyweights among the damping solutions provided by ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH. That is precisely why LISCO values it as a versatile, easy-to-install component for the effective protection of high-quality linear axis systems made in Germany.

ACE Case Study Maasbracht Lock Safety Shock Absorber

A beam used for safe manoeuvring in ship locks received a big crack recently in the lock of Maasbracht, Netherlands. A ship had touched the beam with too much force. The overall construction survived the accident well. Special ACE safety shock absorbers were used as a precautionary measure for the lock gate located behind the beam to protect the system from the worst.

Persbericht Nieuwe catalogus ACEPersbericht PMCN stootdempers

ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH brengt een verbeterde versie van de kleine stootdempers uit zijn Protection-serie op de markt. De speciaal voor zware productieomstandigheden ontwikkelde PMCN-serie is nu uitgerust met beschermkappen van thermoplastisch polyurethaan (TPU). Deze beschermkap, in de vorm van een vouwbalg, voorkomt dat agressieve substanties in de afdichting van de kleine stootdemper terecht komen.


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